Thursday, May 19, 2011

April: Volunteer work on Alcatraz!

Well, April brought a little bit of difficulty. My brilliantly thought out and carefully planned schedule of things to do this year turned out to not be quite carefully planned enough. Apparently, other businesses and organizations do not want to operate on my schedule. Psh, what's that about? Luckily, I had a back-up "new thing" this month so I wouldn't falter on my bucket list! Actually, I think having back-ups is a good way to just include more new and exciting things into my life. Hmmm...maybe I should consider this in my plans for future months!

So, for the month of April, I am officially announcing that my bucket list item was to volunteer on Alcatraz! I have been to the Rock on several different occasions (school field trips, bday extravaganzas, etc) but I have never quite experienced the island from this perspective before! Being a volunteer swap day, we met really early, got to SF really early, and left on the staff boat really early! The weather was a tad confusing so I brought everything from short sleeves and a sun hat to a water-proof wind breaker.

While on the island, we were given an introduction to the history of the gardens and the restoration work. Then, we got to spend a couple of hours doing hands-on weeding in the gardens. It was nesting season for the birds, good thing we had gloves on to avoid what the birds left behind! I really enjoyed it. Weeding at home is not quite as nice as weeding surrounded by hundreds of birds and a gorgeous view of the Bay.Can't forget the group photo in front of some plant donations from RBG! Great day for a new experience!

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  1. Nice! I don't think I've ever been to Alcatraz. Next time you volunteer there, I'll have to join you!