Tuesday, June 21, 2011

May: SF Bus Tour

I have lived in the Bay Area for as long as I can remember. I have always lived under 45 mins away from the glorious city of San Francisco and yet I rarely enjoy all that the city has to offer. When I go to the city, I go for a particular reason and then depart right after because I don't know enough about the city to go somewhere else and I don't like the idea of exploring the city when I don't know very much about it. This is why I was really excited about a guided Double Decker bus tour of San Francisco.

It was quite a lot of fun. Every time you rode a bus, there was a tour guide telling you about the various neighborhood you were traveling through, facts about the city or corny jokes. The tour guides were informational and pretty good, overall. While I will probably never forget some of the stories I heard 6 times throughout the day, I feel like I understand the city a bit better. I had no idea that China Town was so close to Union Square. It was great to spend some time out and about.

We received an "All Loops" pass from my parents for Christmas. There was a downtown bus loop, a Golden Gate loop, a Sausalito loop and a Night Tour loop. All were really fun and covered a different part of the city. I might have to keep a map of the tour loop when I travel the city so that I can remember what was going on right next to each loop! Immediately afterward I felt like I new the city pretty well but it is funny how quickly I forget things.

The double decker was fun, but a little chilly up top. It did start raining a little as well toward the very end. I was well prepared with lots of layers but still was pretty chilled on the final Night Tour loop. When we finished our last loop, we got some soup and sandwiches to warm us up and fill us up after the long day. Overall, it was a great day and definitely an experience to remember!

Pictures to come.

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  1. The city was so much fun! I'm glad we were able to go and learn about everything there. Hopefully, we can get back to the city to visit the ferry building for some farmer's market goodness!