Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Completion of the 2011 Bucket List

Wow, 2011 is over! I am not sure exactly where the year went. Looking back on my new experiences this year (and this blog which documented so many of the memories) I am so proud of myself for actually sticking with it through to the end. This might be the first new year's resolution I have stuck with! I had so many wonderful experiences and was glad to share them with some awesome people throughout the year! I pushed myself to try new things, to learn new things, to experience new things, to expand my horizons and to enjoy things outside of the norm. It was wonderful.

Things I discovered this year:
1. I have done a lot of really amazing things in my life!
2. New things aren't as scary as they seem.
3. Pushing yourself is a good thing - you will rise to the challenge.

Looking forward to 2012, I am not sure exactly what it will hold. The new things bucket list will not be happening again because it is time for something different. I hope to replace it with something else fulfilling, fun and do-able but the exact idea is still to be decided. I better get on it considering it's already 2012. Happy New Year!