Saturday, April 2, 2011

March: Shooting Range

For my March activity, my boyfriend Brian and I went to the shooting range. Brian's brother (and his girlfriend-who is also an excellent shot) hooked us up with guns, cheap ammo, shooting and safety instructions and even lunch afterward! Having never held a gun in my life, I was glad to have extensive safety training prior to even holding the gun in my hands. It is nice to think that if I happen to come across a gun at some point in my life, I will know how to handle it safely and unload it without accidentally harming myself.

After we were comfortable and ready to go, we went out to the range. Boy was it cold! It was indoors so they had to keep the air circulating. We started with the targets fairly close and moved them out as the morning progressed and we started using larger guns.

We started off with a .22 pistol. This ended up being my favorite gun. I think it was because it was the lightest weight. I found it the easiest to hold and did pretty well hitting the target too!

We actually both did pretty well considering we were newbies. My target here is from the .22 and Brian is with his target from the 9 mm. Not to shabby for first timers!

As the last hurrah, we were able to shoot a rifle. It was difficult if not near impossible to tell if you hit the target or not. I'm sticking to the story that the shots at the bottom of the paper target weren't mine and the one right up near the bulls-eye had to be mine. Brian might disagree however. But, no one knows so that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Overall, it was definitely a really great experience. Couldn't have done it without the good instructions and guidance. I had a lot of fun and great company; which made for an excellent weekend!

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  1. Wow. It seems like this was so long ago. That was a lot of fun. Thanks for bringing me along for the fun and for featuring me on your blog. :)