Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August: Fruit Pickin'

Bucket list item for August was done early this month! I wanted to make doubly certain that this month's item would not only get done but get done properly this time, with time to make up for it in case something went wrong! It was great to have accomplished it early but now it is feeling like I have to wait so long until September rolls around! This month, I went fruit picking at a u-pick farm in Brentwood. Brian came along with me, the good sport that he is, and we picked peaches and plums.

All was well until I decided to pick the plum which was hiding a hornet's nest. Yes, out of all the trees in the orchard and all of the fruit on this particular tree, I went for the one with a fat nest lingering right behind the juicy plum. I felt like such a wimp - but hornet stings hurt! My finger swelled up a bit but in the end, everything was fine.

I really enjoyed having the experience and felt good not only knowing where my food came from but seeing it with my own eyes. I have been trying to think more along the lines of eating seasonally and figured that there was no better way than following the local farming seasons!

I was able to make some delicious dishes and have a lot of great snacks too! Sure felt like summer.

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  1. What a fun time we had (minus the bee)! The treats you made certainly were delicious (especially the gluten free peach cobbler YUM). Now I'm hungry. Thanks for bringing me along for my first fruit picking.